May 11, 2017



Dear Parents and Guardians:



Physical Education and Health Education are essential academic subjects that enable students to be healthy, active, and have the energy to learn. As a part of your child’s Physical Education program, s/he has been participating in the NYC FITNESSGRAM assessment. FITNESSGRAM is a national physical fitness assessment that helps students and their families develop personal goals for lifelong fitness. Based on feedback from families and teachers, the New York City Department of Education has made improvements to NYC FITNESSGRAM so that parents and legal guardians can now access their child’s results online. The NYC FITNESSGRAM assessment provides a snapshot of health-related fitness as opposed to athletic ability. Students in kindergarten through 3rd grade are measured on height and weight in order to record Body Mass Index or BMI. BMI uses height and weight measurements to compare each student to the standards for healthy weight established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Students in grades 4-12 complete additional assessments that measure aerobic capacity, muscular strength and endurance, flexibility, and body composition:



• Trunk lift (lower back strength)

• Back-Saver Sit and Reach (flexibility)

• Push-Up (upper body strength)

• Curl-Up (abdominal strength and endurance)

• PACER (aerobic fitness)

• Height and Weight (body composition)



 Parents and legal guardians can now view their child’s confidential NYC FITNESSGRAM results online on their NYC Schools Account at the NYC Department of Education’s website. We encourage you to create an account if you do not already have one (see the NYC Schools Account FAQ for details on how parents can sign up for an account). If you are unable to access the NYC Schools Account, ask your child’s Physical Education teacher to print out a report for you. Reports for this school year will be available by mid-May. The information in these reports is private and will not be displayed or made public; the results are not part of your child’s academic record. The NYC FITNESSGRAM report is a resource you can use to start conversations about eating habits and levels of physical activity needed for good health. PE teachers can help you understand how they administered the test, what the results mean, and ways in which you and your child can make personal plans for staying healthy and fit. You may also want to share your child’s NYC FITNESSGRAM report with your health care provider.


 Thank you for working with us to ensure that our school community prioritizes the health of every student and family.





Nicole Adisano

Assistant Principal