Our SEEALL Program - Serving Pre-Kindergarten through 8th Grade


Inspired by an article written by Bill Gates, and with its base rooted in the core curriculum for all students, SEEALL engages its students as active participants in the learning process. A unique partnership is formed with the teacher, the student, and the parent.  This in turn instills and nurtures leadership among its students, preparing them for a successful future. 


Enriched instruction in both programs is planned around a specific topic, theme or problem. Teachers integrate content and process in the curricula and provide opportunities for both independent and cooperative learning.  Teachers plan for varied experiences in the areas of creativity, decision-making and analytical thinking. Teaching strategies include individual projects, learning centers, multicultural approaches, field trips and contact with professionals.  

Our Elementary School

The SEEALL Program of P.S.180 is an innovative and competitive program designed around the special talents of children in Grade 3 through Grade 5.  

Our Middle School

Our Superintendent’s program for students in our Intermediate School provides opportunities for gifted learners to achieve through content and enrichment, with a strong emphasis on academics and artistic excellence. The foreign languages offered to our middle school students are Chinese, Italian, French, and Spanish.

The SEEALL Academy is committed to becoming the gateway into the top performing High Schools in New York City. 

 Join us on this journey of academic and creative expansion.